r/Austin – Holly Powerplant

r/Austin – Holly Powerplant

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Austin, Texas. The power plant was located in a residential area with multiple schools and parks, consequently dust and noise control and style of demolition were important elements of Encotech’s decommissioning plan. Also transport of debris was a critical part of the clean-up and Encotech developed a solution to rehabilitate an existing railroad.

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The Seaholm Power Plant is a historic former power station located on the north shore of Lady Bird Lake in Downtown Austin, Texas.It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.The facility and site were redeveloped into a mixed-use district after the power plant closed.

Construction of Holly Street Power Plant, and the longhorn dam (to provide cooling for the plant) began in the late 1950’s, and finally opened for use in 1960. The plant is a natural gas/oil-fired steam electric generating facility. The plant consists of four steam turbine generators, and produced a total of 540 megawatts of electricity.

Holly shores public art action plan holly Shores public art action Plan | September 2013 5 Introduction East Austin has been the focus of tremendous change over the past few decades. Home to Austin’s original Latino population, the area was historically one of deeply interconnected communities and neighborhoods.

Quite often I find my hands swelling, stiff and red when I get near the Holly street power plant site. I wrote this off as an odd coincidence, but today I ran with two other people who had the same reaction. Each of them noted that this happens to them quite often.

Holly Street Power Plant #1 On the blog . Mike Connell humorous fog set up an appointment for several of us local Austinites to tour and photograph inside the Holly Street Power Plant (see Mike’s story here).It would have been a joy to see the place even if we couldn’t photograph it. When energy was still being generated here I used to run the trails adjacent to it and I’ve always wanted to.

I’ve seen some standard sized lots go for >$500k in the neighborhood farther west. There’s a family that has a single family home on over an acre stretching between Garden and Holly streets next door to the artist compound off of Holly. It’s got to be worth >$3MM.

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